About us

Our goal is to increase quality of Virtual Airlines based on mobile flight simulator Infinite Flight by providing free intranets based on phpVMS.

We also provide websites based on Virtual Airline Manager system, however, they usually take much more time as they require a lot of customisation.

Our numbers

We were established in the end of 2017. Since then we have built the system for more than 40 VAs!
With us VAs were reaching their peak and, unfortunately, some of them ceising their operations. We have a big experience in the field. We are also the only free provider of this service for Infinite Flight!

  • 9.75 Gigabytes of data
  • 498,349 Files
  • 44 VA's hosted
  • > 800 Pilots

Get started!

We are currently redeveloping our strategy. Please hold short as it is not going to take long!